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What is Popcorn Prosperity?

I was the first-born of eight to a farm family in St. Joseph County. Mom and dad have often told us that there were three farm products that they considered most
dependable for a profit in the 50's and 60's: pigs, pickles and popcorn!

Popcorn is an amazing seed. One kernel planted in the ground will produce hundreds more on one single plant. That's an example of prosperity! But popcorn obviously has another attribute. Put it in a pan with some oil and apply heat and each kernel expands to many times the size of the original. Shake the pan vigorously and the heat and oil will be evenly distributed for consistent results.

In Michigan and the United States, we have the opportunity to create prosperity that resembles what happens to popcorn. It can happen when we value each persons work enough to pay a living wage! Then we will see more economic growth as families purchase items and buy or improve their homes. More demand creates the need for more workers. More wages will mean more funds for government services as tax receipts grow. More services means more jobs that pay a living wage. That's what we all want, and we all deserve.

If we tried to pop corn by only applying heat to a few kernels at the top of a pan, only a few kernels will pop! Some heat will “trickle down” (even though heat rises) but not enough. Only those at the top will expand and prosper. We have been living under this type of economic system for several decades. It's time to leave behind “trickle down prosperity” and move to “Popcorn Prosperity!

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